About Us

Why Weight for Recovery is a the solution community for all who are emotional eaters, compulsive overeaters, bingers, purges, food addicts and anyone who is sick and tired of living in pain and shame caused from serial dieting and obsessing over food. We meet regularly livestream on Facebook on Sunday 9 am and Wed 9 pm. All are welcome to interact with us on line or meet with us face to face. We offer additional support and help to those who request it. YOU
ARE NOT ALONE recovery is real and attainable for those who work for it..

We have found that it’s not what we’re eating rather what’s eating us that is the issue and have developed tools and opportunities open to all who struggle. For us that suffer we thrive and succeed best being in community, as our past behaviors show that we have not done so well on our own. We invite you like, share and send this information with friends and family who struggle too, because no one needs to struggle alone.

With gratitude your friends in recovery dr. felice & heidE