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My fellow bingers, over-eaters and food addicts-BEWARE!!!


Us who stuff ourselves on starches and sweets are acting on an impulse caused by actual BIOCHEMICAL RESPONSES to our brains “reward center.”

According to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Johns Hopkins Hospital, “excessive sugar intake sensitized D-1 and mu-1 receptors (in the brain) much like some drugs of abuse.”

This translates to:

SUGAR is as ADDICTING as OPIATES and METHAMPHETAMINE,  and “according to new research posted by Dr. Mercola, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, studies reveal that an astonishing 94 percent of rats who were allowed to choose mutually-exclusively between sugar water and cocaine, chose sugar,” teaching us that refined sugar is even  more addictive than cocaine.

OUR CHALLENGE is that “JUST SAY NO” isn’t the answer. If it was, then everybody would be doing it.

WE DO, however, RECOVER…

Join our WHY WEIGHT for RECOVERY community to find out HOW.

Your friend in recovery, Dr. Felice Cellini.

Bariatric Surgery didn’t fix me

When you look at me you wouldn’t know that I’m an emotional eater, compulsive overeater ~ a food addict. I have a BMI of 20 and I weigh 130lbs but in my head and my heart I am still over 250 lbs. I have gained and lost over 600 lbs over the past 44 years and I suffer from stinking thinking.

I had bariatric surgery, sleeve surgery on Feb 17, 2016. I thought this would take care of the problem but it didn’t it took care of my shopping. My clothes and my outer image but it didn’t change me. I was still unhappy even though I had now finally reached my goal weight.

I thought that if I looked a certain way the feelings would magically follow. Those feelings that I had been stuffing and suppressing for years. Instead I had to learn how to find my happiness and joy again. How what I thought was true for years was really my addiction lying to me. Those just one bites, the magic Monday when all diets started and those frightening Fridays when they all ended and I was left feeling guilty, ashamed and demoralized. Those endless days feeling so hopeless and empty that I wanted to die. I was dead – on the inside. My life was out of control I was ill, my addiction was controlling my life and I was miserable. Not only was I miserable but I was making everyone around me miserable.

I found myself so sick, prediabetic, overweight, uncomfortable, bloated, brain fogged, depressed, bleak and hopeless. My life as it was, was unmanageable. The things I was doing and had been doing for years wasn’t working – the food choices, the food attitudes, the beating myself up, the stuffing my feelings.

I decided to try something new, I took a bold step out of my fear of the what ifs and stepped into a new conversation that started shifting my thinking. It put me into community with others who were just like me and I got solutions that were sustainable. My life is so different, I am so different. I smile and laugh more. My world is brighter and so is my closet but most of all I am open to being loveable, and loved by me. I am so grateful to be in recovery, where I’m not suffering and obsessing from meal to meal where I wasn’t getting full, focusing on what I was going to eat next, why it didn’t satisfy me or why I needed it.

My perspective is now different. I have new tools and support from a knowledgeable community. Being in recovery has shifted my life, my world and opened new doors of joy that I never knew possible. I look forward to the next hour, today and if I’m fortunate enough for tomorrow. Most importantly I have a new best friend –
ME. Have a beautiful week.

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Stinking thinking? Unhealthy and in pain. Living with frustration, shame and guilt from failed diet efforts? You are not alone. Easy Solution.

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Stinking thinking? Unhealthy and in pain. Living with frustration, shame and guilt from failed diet efforts? You are not alone. Easy Solution.

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