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Stinking thinking? Unhealthy and in pain. Living with frustration, shame and guilt from failed diet efforts? You are not alone. Easy Solution.

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Stinking thinking? Unhealthy and in pain. Living with frustration, shame and guilt from failed diet efforts? You are not alone. Easy Solution.

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I was a slave & the message of Passover

Today my substance of choice is food, I am a compulsive overeater, an addict.  I have had many addictions, swapping one out for another but my primordial addiction is food, I am also many things I’m a Mother, sister, friend, wife and a Jew.  I wear many hats all of which, as an addict, I have to wear perfectly.  This time of the year is especially meaningful to me.  One of the things that I love about my religion are the imbued layers of meaning, traditions and preparation.

Passover cleaning goes beyond the physical and extends into the soul (Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky).  In preparation for Passover, as a traditional Jew I spring clean our home, my car and my office for all the remnants of chometz/ hametz, and replace our everyday crockery, silverware, pots, pans etc. with our Kosher for Passover ones.  I buy only kosher for Passover meats, fish, products and lots of fresh produce as I’m a cook and hostess.  Getting through and feeding a family over 8 days takes planning, preparation and stamina.

To me Passover is significant historically, metaphorically but also from a communal cultural perspective:

  1. Historically we should never forget our past – Passover reminds us of the times when we as Jews were slaves in Egypt.
  2. To commemorate this event Jewish people participate in and at a Seder where they recount the journey. This is a communal event that includes young and old and much preparation.
  3. Seder also means order, it also ensures continuity over time.  Doing things the same way at the same time.  No matter if you are a Jew in the USA, UK, South Africa or Australia we have a seder in the same way.
  4. Chometz/Hametz is the leavening that makes dough rise, we don’t eat it.
  5. For some religious Jews they only eat things that can be peeled and don’t use any spices other than salt, lemon, garlic, peppers. Going back to basics and alleviating all additives, preservatives and artificial elements

As an addict Passover has some other significant spiritual meanings to me:

  1. When Moses told the Israelites to flee many were terrified. Terrified of change and the unknown, some questioned if remaining as slaves wasn’t better?  They rationalized a terrible situation to make it a better option.  This is like me when I’m using, or getting the urges to use/ dealing with my cravings and or fighting going into or being in recovery.  Admitting that I have a problem and my life is unmanageable
  2. When the Jews arrived at the banks of the Red Sea with the Egyptian army in hot pursuit, it took an unknown man, not Moses to be the first person to step into the raging waters, which then as his foot touched them the waters parted and there was a clear path on land. This action took courage and kept everyone moving forward.  Starting my journey in recovery takes courage and I have to keep moving forward, step by step a slow process to the other side.
  3. Seder the order, reminds me not only as a Jew but also as an addict how there is a continuation, an ebb and flow when there there is order and structure, there is no confusion. Like in nature the day starts at dawn at sunrise and end in the evening at sunset, the seasons come and go.  I like order and I operate better within a structured environment, knowing what my triggers are and abstaining from them them, weighing and measuring my food, being accountable helps me in my recovery.
  4. Chometz/ Hametz symbolizes my ego. The leavening the puffing up of me.  My need to control everything and everyone in my world sends me into relapse.  When my world becomes all about me and I lose sight of the my spiritual connection, when I isolate and get into my head everything becomes about me.  When my ego and my will take over my Chometz/ Hametz my world spirals out of control and my twisted mind takes over and disaster ensues.
  5. Cleaning up and clearing out. Abstaining from elements that have become staples – bread, pepper, ketchup, corn syrup, corn, legumes etc.  Makes me appreciate them when I can eat them after 8 days.  The spiritual lessons that I get from this as an addict is:
  • To have a Kosher Passover abstinence is key
  • To go without certain things that I tell myself that I need won’t kill me, in fact I feel so much better without them.
  • Being a slave to my needs makes me enjoy my freedom even more.
  • Returning to basics – my house, my car and my body are clean. By practicing meditation and journaling my mind starts getting clean.

Going through these 8 days of thinking about slavery, being enslaved and living in my desert when I’m in addictive addiction.  Today I’m extremely grateful for how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to share this time with my family as a clean person, to have a roof over my head, to have healthy clean food in our refrigerator, jobs to pay for it and my health.  I was granted another day to do the next right thing and it feels awesome.

I am truly blessed that I was given freedom from slavery had the courage to venture into the unknown, through a sea of turmoil.  Work my way through the desert and arrive at the promised land ~ living a healthy and happy life ~HeidE

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Recovery and secrets – blah, blah, blah!

It’s said that “we are only as sick as our secrets” – so here’s mine!!!

Today I am having a difficult time with the whole “recovery thing”. It’s not that I’m going to use (even if my brain thinks I want to – tricky thing the brain is), and it’s not that I’m going to stay in this feeling all day, but for the moment – recovery seems hard. I don’t always want to do “the next right thing”, and “see the best in everyone”, and “find the blessing in the situation”. Sometimes I get angry or upset or sad and I need to remember that that’s ok too – as long as I don’t sit in it for too long. Recovery HAS taught me that if I share how I feel, look at what I’m grateful for, and help another addict, it will keep me from using…and that if recovery was easy – EVERYONE would be doing it. So it’s not easy, but it’s certainly well worth it! But like I said…today I’m having a difficult with the whole “recovery thing”.

Stay strong, ~felice~

Weight Of The World

At a fork in the road?  Carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I am a compulsive overeater food addict.  In the past I would rather eat my feelings and I was miserable, obese – 120 lbs heavier, sick, tired and overall really unhealthy.  Today I’m healthy, happy, blessed and grateful to be in recovery. I’m now able to eat to live not like before where I was living to eat. I am able to do so many more things and enjoy the moment instead of obsessing about the food. What’s eating you? 

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Am I making my kids fat?

As a Mom one of my biggest fears is that my children are not happy and healthy.  As a fat person on the inside I have always struggled with my weight.  I’m a compulsive overeater and I have a love hate relationship with food.  I love the process of cooking food, the colors, textures and plethora of creative opportunities but I hate obsessing over food, the all encompassing cravings, the physical ups and downs of my addiction 20 down 40 up 80 down 1 … the shame, guilt and hope for happiness when I’m the perfect weight.  My pattern is to eat my emotions and stuff my feelings.

As I watch my son struggle with his weight I carry another guilt.  Am I his dealer?  Have I created through over use, the compulsion and culture for him to use .  Through my behaviors and toxic relationship with food have I triggered his addiction gene.  Through my insistence and by taking him with me, almost forcing him to continually parttake in my drug of choice – food, so I could get my fix?

Those tough stressful days when giving him treats to quiet, calm or distract him was just easier than fighting, arguing or getting embarrassed by him causing a scene.  After the shot I’ll get you an ice-cream.  Here’s an M & M if you can name the color.

Is addiction the product of nature or nurture?  To have integrity and be honest I have to admit that I am complicit and responsible to contributing to childhood obesity.  As an adult and as his guardian I make the choices of what foods come into the house, what we’re buying in the store and more often than not what we’re eating for dinner.  I need to make amends.  My only remedy that I can see is if I am my child’s role model, his barometer of how to deal with the world – equipping him by my teaching of to deal with fear, stress, anxiety, boredom etc.  Then maybe the solution for him is to learn from my behavior for me is to be his role model and be in and promote recovery.

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ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS AND THE ADDICTIVE PROCESS. Any activity, substance, object, or behavior that has become the major focus of a person’s life to the exclusion of other activities, or that has begun to harm the individual or others physically, mentally, or socially is considered an addictive behavior.
So Why Weight?

You are Not ALONE


Our Why Weight for Recovery community understands that it’s our shared thoughts and feelings and not our differences that make us the same.  Below are some of the behaviors of compulsive overeaters:

Obsessing with our body’s weight, size and shape
Eating binges
Preoccupation with reducing diets
Excessive exercise
Inducing puking after eating
Inappropriate and/or excessive use of
Using diuretics and laxatives
Chewing and spitting out food
Use of diet pills, shots or other medical
Intervention, including surgery, to control weight
Inability to stop eating certain foods after taking the first bite
Fantasies about food
Vulnerability to quick-weight-loss schemes
Constant preoccupation with food
Using food as a reward for comfort

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Lifelong struggle with my weight and my body image

My lifelong struggle with my weight has also been a struggle with my self worth and body image. It’s been a long process and it started with realizing that in order for me to stop my lifelong diet struggle I had to start being honest with me talking about what was eating me. I’m a compulsive overeater and I don’t see or view food like normal eaters. I have food binges, at times I’ll keep eating until I’m stuffed and not because I was full. For the past 34 years I have lived in pain, wracked with guilt and going to bed ashamed.  I always thought that I failed because I had no willpower.  Two years ago I started a journey that would change my life and empower me to live a happy healthy life.

I started a 3 way approach – mind, body, spirit. Mind I found a recovery coach Dr Felice Cellini. Body – I walk and exercise and changed my attitude towards it. It’s actually become easier, less painful and more enjoyable as the weight has been coming off. I also have an eating plan not a diet I focus on protein goals. I also have to say no to my triggers and yes to my health – it’s become so much easier and I have very few cravings. Spirit I practice gratitude and also get strength from my higher power. Most importantly I surround myself with others like me who are in and value their recovery, it’s a safe environment it’s not religious. We talk once a week, it’s a free no charge to participate call and it’s tonight at 8 -9 pm you’re welcome to call in. The call details are updated weekly on our Facebook community and why weight for recovery page. From my heart to yours no-one need struggle alone I’ve let go of the shame and guilt and it’s liberating and empowering. From my heart to yours

Heide Hodes

It’s not what I’m eating It’s what’s eating me

When one is too many and 1000 is never enough, you know you have a food addiction. Similar to addictions to drugs or alcohol, the drive for food can be powerful. Overeating can lead to unwanted pounds, health problems, distorted body image, an unhealthy relationship with food, and low self-esteem. There are strategies that can help you break the cycle and gain a sense of peace and control around food. Dr. Felice Cellini will delve into the addiction model and offer insight on how to begin the process of recovery.

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